"Sicilia, bella mia"

"Terra di suli, mari"

"Terra d'amuri"

Much more than two words, Bella Mia is a way of looking at life, of living it, of tasting it. It is an exclamation, but also a reflection. Bella Mia means assuming an essence made of earth, aromas and flavours. It is history, today. It means sitting in a timeless space and listening to memories made of the essential: simplicity, patience, the warmth of family. Bella Mia is not simply the wonderful land of Sicily, but also the genuineness of our preserves and products, and the archaic pleasure of making time to appreciate beauty in all its guises.




Bella Mia has created a wide range of typical Sicilian products, prepared using age-old methods to express all the flavours and aromas of our great traditions, including those of citrus fruits, prickly pears, cherry tomatoes, pears, and so on.


Bella Mia is also Gourmet, products that articulate the tastes of our land through traditional products, such as ready-made caponata or the typical onion preserves of our area, prepared by masterful hands, well-acquainted with our traditions.


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