Terra d'Amuri


Much more than two words, Bella Mia is a way of looking at life, of living it, of tasting it. It is an exclamation, but also a reflection. Bella Mia means assuming an essence made of earth, aromas and flavours. It is history, today. It means sitting in a timeless space and listening to memories made of the essential: simplicity, patience, the warmth of family. Bella Mia is not simply the wonderful land of Sicily, but also the genuineness of our preserves and products, and the archaic pleasure of making time to appreciate beauty in all its guises.

They say Sicily is the land of ‘ncantu, amuri e sentimentu’, or ‘enchantment, love and sentiment’. Here, in preparing our preserves, our hands are steeped in the tradition of the era of black and white images, our house is imbued with an aroma emanating from the kitchen that reminds us of when, as kids, we looked at cloth-covered ceramic jars, waiting for the moment we were allowed to grab them and plunge our fingers in.

The company

The company Bella Mia breathes the air and colours of Sicily. Our hands are steeped in the history of this land of ‘ncantu’, or ‘enchantment’. Every day we take inspiration from this land and its sea to create products that will find a home in your heart.

Our artisan soul, combined with processes cared for in every detail, makes our company a place where tradition and innovation are inseparable.

We specialize in making preserves and put our roots into all our products so that, just like those prepared by the hands of our own grandparents, they bring moments of love and sharing to the table.


Preserves just as in the past. We offer our customers a wide range of preserves focused on the typical flavours and aromas of Sicily.

In the mix of tradition and innovation that is our hallmark, we pay great attention to the care and selection of our raw materials, choosing only the best natural products, with quality as our only guideline.

We want to take care of our customers, and, to do so, we care for every single aspect from the production of our preserves right though to their presentation. From the land to your table, we offer you all the emotions of the Sicily we safeguard in our hearts and minds.